Leahy Stock Farm

Company name: Leahy Stock Farm
Description: "We are pleased to offer a full range of frozen beef and pork cuts from animals bred and raised on our farm and processed at a local government inspected facility. The 7th generation of our Leahy family is now involved in livestock farming in the Douro area. Our beef is from Shorthorn and Simmental cattle raised without artificial hormones or medicated feed. Cattle are developed on a combination of grain, hay and pasture. 100 % grass fed beef is also offered starting in the fall, and continuing as supplies last. Pork products are from our Berkshire and Tamworth heritage breed pigs. They are raised with access to outdoors all year and pasture forage in season. Beef and pork flavour and nutrition profile is enhanced when animals have access to actively growing forage. We take pride in offering quality food for our customers and actively encourage their feedback."
Category: farm
Notes: Facebook @leahystockfarmlocalfood
Products: frozen cuts of Beef - ground beef, patties, sausage, stew beef, steaks, roasts, beef bacon, brazing and back ribs, soup and dog bones, oxtail, heart, tongue, liver, kidney. Frozen cuts of Pork - minced pork, sausage patties, gluten free pork sausage, side pork, smoked bacon, ham, chops, ribs, roasts, pork hocks, pig feet, liver
Location: Peterborough Regional Farmers' Market
Address: 3113 Hwy. 28, RR 4
City: Township of Douro-Dummer
Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: 705-927-2946
Email: bern.leahy@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/bernard.leahy.7